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‘Flights of Fancy’ by writer Kate Neave for Twin magazine
My work is show cased alongside three artists also interested in fantasy worlds and the imagination.

Kate Neave (nee Pantling) is an independent art writer, curator and art consultant. Kate is Editor of the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artists Award 2014/15. She writes on contemporary art for Dazed,Twin MagazineSleek MagazineLEAP Magazine and this is tomorrow. Kate works as Curatorial Assistant to Francesca Gavin curating the contemporary art collection of Soho House Group.

 Twin is a magazine from Rebecca Smith – former creative director of cult fashion magazine Lula - and Vogue‘s Aimee Farrell.

“Nicky Deeley plunders her deepest subconscious
to tease characters from her imagination and dreams.
The mythical identities in her work 
personify archetypes that she sees as living within the collective unconscious. “The language of our unconscious is something that we dismiss far too readily,” says Deeley. “I find it really strange that we do that. It’s a language through which your brain is trying to communicate, and a channel to understanding more about ourselves.”

Her 2013 artwork Island Year was a marathon 
month-long performance piece inspired by a child’s
naïve curiosity. “I was reading a science column
in a national newspaper in which children send in questions and experts respond. Because the children are really young, they ask the most beautiful, poetic things. My favourite was a young boy who wanted to know what was underneath an island—did it float?”

For the work Deeley created an enclosed community of five eccentric characters who repeat ritualistic movements around a constructed space. Incorporating elements of folklore, ancient ceremonies and tribal rituals, she generated a tension between the known and the imagined, leaving her audience teetering on the brink of fascination and repulsion.¬ For the coming summer Deeley is taking her artwork outside, with an immersive experiential event taking place in a village in Ireland. This artwork is mythology in the making.”

-Kate Neave. Twin Magazine.