nicky deeley

The Beasts of…Lismore
-merchandise and support material

The Beasts of…Lismore
-merchandise and support material


The main print component of the project was the walking map designed by the artist which showed locations of the narrative strands. 

These maps were made available at St Carthage Hall, which marks the start of the trail and where the drawings and film were exhibited, but they were also made available in the most popular businesses throughout the town, including the Summerhouse Cafe, the Library, PostOffice and hairdresser.
The maps were very popular with the residents and required a second print run.

Merchandise for the project consisted of a poster and postcard.  
This design is a style nod to classic UK 1950′s rail travel posters, as if the narrative was to believed, the Beasts have been visiting for centuries and so townspeople must have also been aware of the Beasts existence for some time. Therefore the legend must have been capitalised upon at some point to draw tourism, in a similar respect as Loch Ness monster.

Postcards and posters were sold both in St Carthage Hall, and at O’Gormans the local newsagent where they sat alongside the usual tourism postcards, thereby weaving itself further into local imagery.
They could also be easily picked up by tourists to send all over the world, which was great to spread the narrative as widely as possible.

100% of the on site sales of the postcard and poster went to St Carthages, the local rest home charity.

The map ( front).

The map unfolded.

The list of locations.


The map in the window of the Post Office. 
All of the maps were distributed throughout the town for easy access.

The poster and postcard design.

Poster A1.

Postcards for sale at the newsagent alongside traditional ones.
Postcard A6.

The local newsagent.

The poster shown in front of the children’s library display of curated ‘beastly’ books which were also assembled as part of the project.

Maps displayed for giveaway at the library entrance.