nicky deeley



I have been selected as a 2015/2016 Associate Artist for First Site Gallery in Colchester.
 A year long research and bursary travel program for 7 artists based in the East of England and throughout the year includes:

-Regular meetings with invited speakers and debate focused on current practice
-Professional development seminars
-Individual research bursaries to further an aspect of their practice
-A residency at Firstsite
-A group retreat
-Public-facing outcomes (events/ publications etc.) 
-Research trips (national and international)
-Peer to peer activities in collaboration with Firstsite’s Associate Makers and Learning Associates.


Lisa Wilkens, Cambridge 
Cinzia Cremona, Colchester 
James Stradner, Bury St Edmunds 
Amy McKenny, Southend 
Nastassja Simensky, Southend