nicky deeley



Group show. 
25 Contemporary artists respond to Norwich Cathedral’s Historic Library
Exhibition 26th August – 6th September

Incunabula is a wonderfully rich exhibition in the Historic Library at Norwich Cathedral. In the long medieval room in the cloisters, which will continue to function as a place of study throughout the exhibition, twenty-five artists have responded to an open call with new site-specific work and existing objects. A huge range sculpture, video, sound, performance, painting and text, will occupy the bays, shelves, tables and chairs of the library with an exciting response to medievalism, contemplation, narrative, feminism and magic.

The library will also display books from its collection such as the Norwich Doomsday (a beautiful medieval illuminated manuscript) several ‘incunabula’ (early printed texts, including the Nuremberg Chronicle – a lavishly illustrated history of the world) and a 1549 copy of Tyndale’s New Testament. Norwich as a city has a long history of a love of books and words. It was the home of the first known woman to write a book in the English language (Julian of Norwich in 1395) when she wrote down a series of mystical visions. The first poem in blank verse was written here by Henry Howard, in the 16th Century. The first provincial library was also built here in 1608, and the first newspaper printed in 1701, and it was also the first city to implement the Public Library Act of 1850.

There will be a roundtable discussion in conjunction with the exhibition on 26th August at 2pm, titled ‘Representing the past for a political now: medievalism, narrative, and dissatisfaction with the future’. All are welcome to attend and we welcome further submissions for five-minute presentations in any format.

Incunabula has been curated by Christopher Minchin (Norwich Cathedral Artist in Residence) with Gudrun Warren (Norwich Cathedral Librarian and Curator). Featuring; Anna Brass, Sarah Caputo, Nicky Deeley, Paul Fenner, Freya Gabie, Anna Flemming, Charlie Godet-Thomas, Grimes and Jones, Donna Han, Marion Johns, Matthew Kay, Vesta Kroese, Beatrice Lozza, Christopher Minchin, Charlotte Morrison, Claire Poulter, Francisca Prieto, Alida Sayer, Mark Scott-Wood, James Snelling, Brenda Unwin, Nicole Vinokur, Philip Walmesly, Isobel Wohl, Jonathan Wright.

Nicky Deeley. Shaman costume installation. Fabric, plastic and thread on stand.

Selection of other works in the exhibition.

‘Hydriotaphia’. Early example of an illustration of Anglo Saxon burial urns. Sir Thomas Brown. 1658. 
From the cathedral library collection.

Work by Nicole Vinokur.

Work by Marion John. Glazed ceramic. 2015. 
(with Cathderal maze in the background).

Work by Anna Fleming.  ’Medieval Rock’. MIxed media . 2015.

Work by Anna Brass. 
‘Presentation of the Project’. Cardboard, papier mache, paint. 2015.

Work by Alida Sayer. 
‘Untitled’. waxed book pages and ink on paper. 2015.

Nuremberg Chronicle. 1494.

Work by Vesta Kroese. ‘Untitled’. 2015. Matches.

Work by Brenda Unwin and Sarah Caputo. ‘Archeology of images’. Wallhanging screenprint. 2015.

Work by Claire Poulter. ‘Untitled’. two screen HD video. 2015.