nicky deeley




As part of the Associates Program at First Site,
we receive a travel grant, and I used it to visit Dublin, Ireland.

First up a meeting with curator Hilary Murray at ArtBox about my upcoming show in 2016.

Visited Project Arts Centre, to see brilliant group show ‘Riddle of the Burial Grounds’ curated by Tessa Giblin, which dealt with deep time, the anthropocene, language, and nuclear containment issues.

Chester Beatty Library to see one of my favourite painted scrolls, “The Tale of Oeyama”, which involves an epic battle between demons and a band of samurai. The demons make shashimi from young maidens legs!

Being introduced , by chance, to the wonderful work of
Irish artist Alice Maher, via the archive at IMMA…

…and the work of Alice Milligan, poet, theatre producer, and activist (1866–1953).

A wrong turn on a backstreet led to discovering the independent Lilliput Press and Irish writer John Moriaty’s and his brilliant mythological work ‘Dreamtime’.

The Book of Kells at Trinity College. the finest, most delicate linework and intense colours.

the best part of the trip, a day journey out to enter Newgrange neolithic celestial observation site, est. 3200BC.

Spiral carved entrance stone, Newgrange.

Artefact found inside Newgrange.

Artefact, National Museum Dublin.

Drawing trip to view hundreds of examples in the incredible collection of Blashka Glass Sculptures, housed permanently at the Natural History Museum.

Natural History Museum, extinct animals.

A pretty wonderful selection of terrible Victorian taxidermy.

Last up , saw the brilliant show/ film by Bedwyr Williams at VISUAL in Carlow, 
and a catch up with Lismore Castle Arts’ Eammon and Maria Maxwell.