nicky deeley

After Kurangaituku

After Kurangaituku


Performance piece as part of group exhibition ‘Bittersweet/Thunderspace’ at Hanmi gallery, London. 

2 hour performance and sculptural installation. hole, fabric, soil, steel, modelling material, timber, spotlight. 
dimensions variable.

Artists included in ‘Bittersweet/thunderspace’ :
Hector Castells- Matutano / Ikuyo Omura / Jinkyun Ahn / John Appleton / Marianne Spurr /Nicky Deeley / Nicholas Pankhurst / Seokyeong Kang / Stephanie Theobald / Suk An / Wonwoo Lee 

Bittersweet/Thunderspace was an exhibition between artists who have chosen to settle in London, with a particular link to emerging artists from Korea and current students from The Royal College of Art.

(Painting of bird by John Appleton)